"RetroMoto" Vanity-Lit Custom Red Nightstand/Side Table
Wednesday, October 10, 2012 at 11:32PM
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Here's all the details of the build if you're interested.  If not, skip down and enjoy the rest of the pictures!

PERFECT FOR: A bedside table, bathroom storage, conversation piece, child's room, hallway table for nighttime soft-light illumination and so much more.

I had so much fun tranforming this vintage nightstand / side table into a fully-customized work of art that is totally functional! I started by repairing all the structural pieces of wood. I stripped the damaged veneer layers on the sides and replaced them with custom-cut plywood sides to give it much more strength. I left the split piece on the front/top edge for the great character it ended up offering. I first painted the piece in Annie Sloan chalk paint (Paris Grey) in two coats. I then put on two coats of Annie Sloan (Emperor's Silk). 

I cut thick yardsticks to fit the open space where a drawer once was. The same yardsticks are also used on the sides (to resemble old steamer trunks) and inside the cabinet to protect the surface from moving the storage gym locker basket in and out. 

I then spent a lot of time wet-sanding the whole piece to give it a lot of character and detail. I took a very old illustration from an old cloth/linen chidren's book and modified some things, the colors and graphics and created a water decal that I applied to the top surface. 

The front chrome pieces came from an old refrigerator and some plumbing faucet handles.  The skeleton key hole faceplate is an old, found piece that I had.  I cut a hole through and mounted it toward the bottom of the front for appeal.

I then mounted an old vanity light on top which I've included an LED light for energy conservation, to reduce heat from the light fixture, and to give a soft, warm glow to a bedroom, hallway or room. The last step was waxing (light and dark) the piece for more distressed detail and then clearcoating it several times. 

The vintage gym locker wire metal basket features a red license plate that I distressed.

This custom item, along with my other creations, is available in the GadgetSponge Etsy Shop and at Timeline Antiques in Shreveport, LA!

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