Repurposed Airport Runway Light Box Bookcase

Hey friends.  Got another recent project that has been on the back burners for a while.  The difference with this one is I knew what I've wanted to do to it since day one!  The local airport was doing away with these outdated runway boxes and I got word that many were headed to the dump for scrap value.  I had to step in!  Haha.

The light box was built like a tank.  After finally getting the initial bolts off, I could see what I was dealing with inside.  It was a lot more work at that point.  There was a fair amount of wires and lots of gunk from years of use.  Not to mention years of sun-baked bird poop on the outside.  Don't worry -- it's completely gone now!

The first step was a very thorough visit with the power washer and magic eraser.  And then some more elbow grease after that.  I took the back acrylic panel out and reinstalled the front panel into the back slot to allow room for the custom shelves.  

I made custom shelves and distressed them and lastlly added some vintage yardsticks across the front for more character. 

I left the original markings on the top to give the history of the cool structure.

This bad boy is ready for years of use and enjoyment.  It can be seen at Timeline Antiques in Shreveport, LA or in my Etsy shop for purchase.

Measurements:  57" tall; 27" wide; 10" deep.


Repurposed / Upcycled Silverplate & Brass Mystery!

Hey folks!  I posted the title as a mystery because I wanted the "name" of this piece to be determined by the future owner.  At a quick glance you can probably think of at least a couple of uses for this creation.  I can think of about 5, but I'm not telling!  Sometimes it's best not to define a creation as not to interfere with the purpose someone else might give a piece.   

So here it is!  What do you think it could be used for?  Scroll down to see an ADDED SURPRISE!....


See this creation in person at The Agora Borealis in Shreveport, LA (HERE) or in my Etsy shop (HERE)!



Repurposed / Upcycled Vintage Water Ski Custom Fish on a Stringer

Hello there!  Because I'm sometimes addicted to working with vintage water skis, I've completed yet another set of creations with the fish theme.

This awesome group of fish should tie me over for just a little while with my craving to work with vintage skis.  This is a set of eight different, custom fish.  All with rustic edges and carved detailing.  They are all hung from a heat-treated metal fish stringer to bring out some age and color in the metal.  

The longest fish measures 21" long.

These fish are ready to be seen and purchased at Timeline Antiques & Collectible Mall in Shreveport or in my Etsy shop (HERE).


Repurposed Vintage Water Ski Fish Glass Shelf & Accessories!

Summer is heating up down here in North Louisiana.  I've been messing with different items to create various creations lately.  Very recently, I just had to work up another repurposed vintage water fish wall rack.

My friend, Randy, gifted me a couple of vintage bathroom accessory sets.  And this fish creation features one of the original, vintage sets!  I love the elements and especially the green tinted thick glass shelf.  Here it is!  You can see it in person at Timeline Antiques Mall here in Shreveport, LA (HERE) or in my Etsy shop (HERE).

Measurements:  48" wide; 10" tall at fins; 5.75" deep at glass.


My Repurposed Lockers Board

The fine folks at Hometalk recently reached out to work together on a board featuring repurposed uses of lockers. I was glad to help.  The board even features a couple of my creations! is a fantastic website for home solutions, DIY, and lots of inspiration.  Check out these cool ideas for making the most of lockers in your home (HERE)!!