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Repurposed Chrome Shelf Squares - Into Trays!

Hey friends!  I've got some new creations fresh from GadgetSponge Garage!

A couple of my good friends had an accident while moving a glass and chrome shelf unit and things went to pieces.  They showed me the chrome square support rings and I grabbed them thinking they might work out one day.  While looking around in the garage, it finally hit me.  Turn them into breakfast trays!

Each piece starts with custom cut wood to serve as the base for the trays.  The artwork was either decoupaged or nailed to the wood and then I used different pieces for the feet of each tray.

I created the one above with original vintage illustrations from a Dick and Jane book that I had three copies of.

I used a piece from some vintage retail wrapping paper that features illustrations of fishing lures.

This one features a map of the larger New Orleans area.

With this last one, I used vintage metal letters, some metallic blue paint and vintage metal roller skate pieces as the feet.

BUY THEM NOW!  In my ETSY SHOP (HERE).  Or at Timeline Antiques & Collectibles Mall in Shreveport, LA.


Repurposed Water Ski Beer & Soda Bottle Opening Station - "Beer 30" #2

Howdy folks!  I've got another one of my repurposed vintage water ski bottle opening stations fresh from the garage.  I've made a lot of different ones in the past year, but they are just so much fun with their own identities and parts/pieces.

I've made a "Beer 30" one before but it flew off the shelf and I dearly missed it (HERE).  This one has a different bottle cap/trash basket and a few other different modifications and pieces.  The most fun is picking the vintage water ski and deciding what I'll use for the bottle cap/waste receptacle.  

This one was perfect with the Mustang artwork on it.  And the addition of the water ski fin at the bottom.  Great for a man cave, game room, garage, patio, deck, kitchen and more!




Tufted Titmouse Visit

I was finally able to get some updated pictures of some Titmouses the other day.  I hope you like them...

You can find many more of my bird photography (HERE).


Austin, TX -- Here we come!

GadgetSponge worldwide takeover starts this weekend!  Just kidding.  How about one city at a time!?!

For the folks around and in Austin, TX, you'll be able to see GadgetSponge creations in person at Outlaw Boots & Eclectic Emporium on Burnet Rd.  They are a super, growing business that needed a larger location and will have their grand opening on Saturday, February 1st.  They have Texas' largest supply of vintage cowboy boots and unique and unusual one-of-a-kind items.

Outlaw Boots has a ton of vintage western boots, clothing, accessories, original artwork and pieces -- AND NOW -- GadgetSponge!

You'll be seeing more pictures and information about this awesome addition to the GadgetSponge locations.  Stay tuned and head over to Austin soon, if not this weekend!


Carolina Wren Pair Visit

It's been a while since I've posted some of my bird photographs.  For those who enjoy them, I'm sorry.  For those that don't --- LOOK AWAY!  Haha.

Here's just a few pics of a pair of Carolina Wrens that visited a few days ago.  And as anyone that is familiar with Carolina Wrens knows, they were all over the place and as curious as can be.

AND...a reminder to all those bird-lovers out there to support the foundations out there of your choice to protect these beautiful creatures.  Most all are tax-deductible!