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Dominoes! Mexican Train and Chicken Foot Center Starter Hubs!

UPDATE:  The three I initially made have sold already.  I plan to make more very soon.  If interested, please contact me!

Hey folks!  It's gametime!  My family enjoys getting together as often as possible to play dominoes.  We always have a center starter piece to start out "trains" (of dominoes).  Instead of the plastic ones you get these days, I thought it would be fun to make some out of found items and scrap wood pieces.

This custom creation along with all of my others is available in the GADGETSPONGE ETSY SHOP or at Timeline Antiques & Collectibles Mall in Shreveport, LA.


GadgetSponge @ Home: Custom Bookcase with Vintage Lockers & Wire Baskets

Hello again folks!  It's time for an update on where one of my creations ended up going with its new owner.  You may remember the custom bookcase I made not too long ago that incorporated vintage lockers and wire baskets (HERE).  Well, now that fine piece belongs to Benjamin in San Francisco.  He was kind enough to send a picture of the bookcase in its new setting.  Thanks Benjamin and I hope you enjoy it for many, many years to come!

If you have a GadgetSponge creation and want to send a picture of it in its new home, please do and I'll feature it here on the blog!  Just contact me with the "Contact" button at the top of the page and I'll send my email address.  


GadgetSponge Holiday Lamp Winner Published in LampsPlus.com and HomeTalk.com Holiday Catalogs!

Hey friends!  Excuse me for tooting my horn a little but I wanted y'all to be on the lookout in your mailbox for the LampsPlus.com holiday catalogs.  There's two of their catalogs in circulation.  If you get one, the three winners in the Holiday Lamp Challenge are featured on a two page spread.  

Thanks again to LampsPlus.com and HomeTalk.com for serving up this great contest and allowing me to particpate.  


This custom creation is available at Timeline Antiques & Collectibles Mall in Shreveport, LA.


Domino's SecondHandLogos.com GadgetSponge Repurposed Lamp REVEAL!

Hey friends!  It's time to reveal the completed Domino's (Pizza) Repurposed Outdoor Lighted Letters and Car Topper Lamp!  This is in conjunction with Domino's SecondHandLogos.com campaign to repurpose the old signage and other marketing materials since they changed their name to just "Domino's."

This lamp was a blast to create and after some creative battling I finally got the pieces mashed together the way I wanted them.  The "z" letters are, of course, from "Pizza" from the outdoor lighted letters that were used at a Domino's franchise.  The car topper is something just about all of us have seen coming down our street and in front of our house.  The bottom platform is a pizza pan.  


Just flip the switch to illuminate the LED light inside the car topper!

The included LED lightbulb should work for many years to come.  But in the event that the bulb needed to be replaced, I wanted to create a way that the top could be removed easily to do so.  I came up wit the idea of using some eye hole lag screws as posts to hold the car topper in place securely but to also allow for easy removal.  You're welcome!

This one-of-a-kind -- not to produced again on the planet Earth -- repurposed lamp is now ready for it's future home and owner!   Who will be the first to grab it!?!?!

This custom creation along with all of my others is available in the GADGETSPONGE ETSY SHOP or at Timeline Antiques & Collectibles Mall in Shreveport, LA.


Domino's SecondHandLogos.com GadgetSponge Repurposed Lamp Project Update #1

Hey friends!  It's time to update you on the progress of the Domino's (Pizza) repurposed lamp.  This project is in conjunction with Domino's national SecondHandLogos.com campaign to repurpose their old signage and materials as they switch to their new identity of Domino's.  

Things are coming along nicely.  

The first thing I did was take an instore sign and cut it in half so that just "Domino's" showed.  I then masked it off and and painted the sides a red simliar to the company colors.  This piece will play some part in the later piece.

For the main body of the lamp I paired the two "z" letters from "Pizza" to make a diagonal new graphic shape.  I attached the two letter bodies with flattened pipe hangers and in between them with nuts and bolts.

Here's the letters paired up now.  I left room between them so I could take the letter tops back off and on as I worked on the project.

Next step was to run a lamp assembly shaft through the body with is not easy to keep it 90 degrees from base.  This will run up to light the top body (car topper) down the road.

I knew from day one that I wanted to use a pizza pan as the base for the lamp.  I also needed to raise it up so that the power cord could come out of the bottom and out the side safely......

I used a vintage silverplate decorative platter to get the height I need under the pizza pan base.


Here's a dry assembly of the letters on the base now.  Up top is the modified signage element that I showed above that I'll use later in the piece.

Now I needed to create some pieces to block off the tops of the lamp for a more finished look and so the ugly lamp shaft wouldn't be so visible.  

Here's the piece I cut for the bottom.  There are four custom wood pieces in total.

I gave the custom cut pieces a distressed metallic finish and mounted them to the letters from the inside of the letter cases.

 After sitting on my stool in the garage for way longer than I want to admit, I finally figured out a way that I was comfortable with placing the car topper on top of the lamp in a way that the bulb could be changed easily by the future owner.  I decided to go with these long eye lag screws.  They will have matched holes in the bottom of the car topper.  The car topper will slide down on the screws and rest of top of the letter body.  This will make the top secure but still easily removable.

Here's a glimpse of the original wiring inside the car topper.  I had to remove all of the hardware (and save) to get the metal place on the bottom ready for future mounting holes and prep for the lamp shade assembly to come up through it.

Goodbye rivets!

Work continues today with more work of pairing the car topper and body of the lamp together.  Then the electrical work.  More to come!  Stay tuned and also check out www.SecondHandLogos.com!