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Junkin' & Pickin' Lately...

I've found some pretty good stuff lately for future projects.  Most of these were from estate sales but there were some leads that led to some good picking mixed in there.  Check them out!



Horse Hame and Caster Barn Wood Coffee Table

Hey friends, folks and countrymen (and ladies)!  Got another creation fresh from GadgetSponge Garage.  I did some (minor) cleaning up of the garage recently to make more room to work.  I got tired of scrapping my ankles up running into things.  In the pile of "stuff" I had a couple of sets of horse hame bars.  I had to look up the official name but it's part of the whole collar assemble for horses.   Anyway, I also saw a very old metal caster set with an original axle.  I then knew what I had to do!


Here you can see the horse hames.  I cut the metal rings off so they wouldn't snag anyone walking by the table. 

I used some more of the old barn wood just like I used on the party / dining table I recently made in the previous post (HERE).

Here you see the old caster axle.  It took a whole lot of beating with the hammer and a fair amount of WD-40 to get it to release and roll again.  But I got it whooped into shape.

This coffee table is ready for a living room, a man cave, or just about anywhere else!

Measurements:  19" tall; 52" long (to handle ends); 26" deep.

The table is available to be seen at Timeline Antiques & Collectibles Mall for purchase or can be purchased in my Etsy shop (HERE).


Custom 50-year-old Barnwood Party / Dining Table 

This is not exactly upcycling or repurposing but a lot of fun nonetheless.  I'm very proud to release this custom table with beautiful rough sawn wood that came from an old barn.  

There's an added bonus underneath with another surface for storing away things or a good place to keep your feet up.  I added some bottle openers at each corner for a little extra fun.  

The table measures 31" tall; 38.5" wide; 55" long.  The custom table and chairs are available at Timeline Antiques & Collectibles Mall in Shreveport, LA.


Upcycled Twin Yardstick Side Tables -- Yet Again!

It's crazy how things work out when you're on a roll.  I first found a twin pair of vintage side tables and went to town on them with yardsticks (HERE) and then within a week or two found another pair with a rounded front.  So here I went again with yardsticks a flying and they sold in no time.  Here's the pics...

And, like everything else I create, there's the nametag to let the future owner(s) where it came from!


Repurposed Singer Sewing Machine Base Traffic Sign Table

The GadgetSponge Garage can get cluttered in a hurry if the pickin' is good.  So one day recently I had to  declutter and make some room.  It was time to put some parts together for a new creation and make some room.  Here's the result!

I've had this traffic sign for a while and was going to make another cornhole board game like the ones before (HERE), but decided to do something new and different.  So I paired this cool used traffic sign with an anitque Singer sewing machine base.  I added a baseboard for more support and to keep the bolts from going through the top.  Some decorative trim and voila!!

This table is available at The Agora Borealis.  Purchasing and shipping arrangements can be made by contacting me.