Domino's GadgetSponge Repurposed Lighted Sign Collective Birdhouse Progress #2

Hey friends!  Here's some more progress pics of my Domino's Repurposed Sign Collective Birdhouse.  First thing - I know this birdhouse structure isn't up to specific conditions for specific birds.  I'm just creating this collective birdhouse for function and to have some neat, repurposed character.  It is NOT made to the specific details for Martins, Bluebirds or any other bird.  But many birds would definitely have no problems taking up residence just the same.  Here we go!.....

It took a while for me to figure out what I wanted to do for an "awning" over the entrance holes for each birdhouse compartment.  I had some great used pizza pans and decided to cut one into quarters and them cut each quarter again to fit the pattern I needed.

Above are the final pieces cut down to what I was looking for.

And above you see them mounted now over each hole.

The next thing I wanted to do was reuse another piece of old Domino's signage for some more fun on the front of the structure.  I decided to take this interior smaller sign and cut out a bird silhouette to place on the front.  Below are a couple more pics of how that came together...

The next pics you see should be the ones that lead this one-of-a-kind collective birdhouse to completion! Back with you soon!


Sep032013 & Holiday Lamp Challenge by

Hey folks!  I just recently participated in a lamp challenge hosted by and Each participant was required to work with the Fillable Clear Glass Ovo Table Lamp.  It's beautiful lamp that is very well constructed and was a blast to transform.

It took forever for me to finally agree on a design idea in my head.  Being a fish guy, I would have loved to turn it into a fish-themed design.  But this challenge was a "Holiday" theme.  So after much debating I went with featuring some of my vintage Christmas postcards.  

After shopping around with no luck, I found some vintage sheet music (Christmas) sheet music and printed out several pages.  I carefully tore different parts up and decoupaged them to the lampshade surface.  I gave them an added second coat to make if firmer and for more protection.

I used some vintage new/old stock of some furniture metal edging to accent the top and bottom of the lamp shade.  I wanted the metal aspect to flow from top to bottom with the metal rings on the shade, the silver-accented postcard and the metal base.  I used nuts and bolts every inch on the metal rings to give it a great, industrial look to complement the metal finish and glass.  Each remainder of the bolt was cut off past the nut.

I stole a note holder from my wife's studio and modified it to work inside the lamp.  The base is held with a nut and bolt to the metal lamp base.  I then soldered the nut and bolt to give it some permanence.

I also lightly super glued the postcards to each holding ring to make sure it wouldn't slip out.

The last thing I did was create a hole on the exterior bottom base for the wire to come out and I removed the rubber feet.

So there it is!  Be sure to check out my Gadgetsponge Page and on my GadgetSponge Facebook Page.  I'll also be spotlighting the design on my GadgetSponge Pinterest Page.  On my Page, I go into more detail about the construction.  Thanks all!


Domino's GadgetSponge Repurposed Lighted Sign Collective Birdhouse Progress #1

Hey folks!  I'm in the midst of several projects, but here's one that will be complete first probably.  It's the next project in conjunction with Domino's and their campaign.  It's about 2/3 complete right now.  The rest of the build is adding a fair amount of character to bring it on home....

It started with a sign and two front panels.  One was soft vinyl and the other was acrylic.  I went the acrylic route to make it sturdier.  I first had to gut the interior sign cage and get rid of the spent lighting hardware.

I cut down the acrylic sign to fit the sign frame.

Then I drilled holes and mounted the newly cut down sign.  It obviously didn't fit the smaller window but I like the way it turned out.  It brings out even more of the repurposed vibe.

Next, I needed to start on the wooden compartments for the interior birdhomes.  I had some scrap board laying around so I cut up the uniform pieces.

Boxes are complete.  I then did some modifying on the sign interior cage to custom fit the homes.  Now they are totally secure.

Here's a top angle of the layout.

The next step was lining up the holes for the exterior entrance.

All lined up!  Now on to dressing the piece up and giving it some more repurposed character.  I'll be posting the final piece in no time!  Be sure to head over the to see all the artist and the work that's coming along!


Overhauled Dresser with Vintage Blueprints & Yardsticks

Hey folks!  Sorry I've been away from posting a little while.  I've been locked up in GadgetSponge Garage working on several projects.  I should have several posts coming up in the near future as things roll out soon.  I just finished this vintage low dresser.  I used my router to embed lots of nice vintage yardsticks into the surface.  Inside each field lies an original old blueprint with lots of nice detail....

What do you think!?!  I'm going to hate to see this one leave my possession.  I was able to match up the paint pretty good with some Annie Sloan chalk paint.  Lots of careful distressing and several coats of wax finished things up.  Here's lots more pics of the piece....

The dresser measures 45" wide x 21" deep x 33" tall.  

This one along with the other seven might still be available either in the GADGETSPONGE ETSY SHOP or at Timeline Antiques & Collectibles Mall in Shreveport, LA.


Repurposed Twin Bird Silverplate Platters Bird Feeder

Hey folks!  It's been a while since I made a bird feeder.  So here goes!

I've been wanting to use this partitioned silverplate server for a while and finally got after it.

The ends of spoons make for perches and some serve as the support points for the suspending chains.

The small candy dish made a great top and the birds came from some ornate napkin holders.

This one has the option of putting out two different bird seed varieties with the partition in the middle.  Small holes were drilled in the bottom for any drainage needs with rain.

This bird feeder already had a home before I finished creating it!