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Round #2 of Repurposed Wall Hangers!

Hey folks!  I've got a run of some more repurposed wall hangers that I created once before (HERE) and (HERE).

They will be in my Etsy shop very soon or you can see them in person at The Agora Borealis!

I really enjoy making these and getting to use a lot of small, old items to make each one interesting.  Check them out!...


No. 3 Repurposed Water Ski Towel Rack with Shelf & Bottle Opener

Hey friends!  I recently finished up my third (different in its own way) repurposed vintage water ski towel rack.  This one features vintage, chrome fixtures with the towel rack and shelf.  It also features a vintage Brown/Coca-Cola bottle opener and the vintage, galvanized baskets I used on the other creations.  

This one would work in a bathroom, a laundry room, a mud room, a patio, by the pool, or in a man cave.  Just where ever you might find it most functional!  Check it out...

Check it out at one of my booth location or in my Etsy shop (HERE).

Measurements:  60" wide; 6.5" tall; 9" deep.


Locker Basket Piano Bench Cabinet

I've been moving so fast these days, I forgot to post a recent creation!  I picked up a neat industrial fan cage a while back and knew I wanted to make a medium sized shelf unit but when I thought about the vintage wire locker baskets, it really started to take off...

I had the bottom piano bench sitting in the garage forever with stuff piled on top.  I actually had planned to cut it in half and make a stacked (smaller) wall shelf.  But when I tried out the size of the fan cage on top, it was a perfect marriage.

Some custom painting, distressing along with some vintage, thicker yardsticks and custom wood shelves -- and it was a winner!

This one sold within a couple of days but as soon as I find similar parts, I'm definitely making something pretty close to this one.  


Junkin' & Pickin' Lately...

I've found some pretty good stuff lately for future projects.  Most of these were from estate sales but there were some leads that led to some good picking mixed in there.  Check them out!



Horse Hame and Caster Barn Wood Coffee Table

Hey friends, folks and countrymen (and ladies)!  Got another creation fresh from GadgetSponge Garage.  I did some (minor) cleaning up of the garage recently to make more room to work.  I got tired of scrapping my ankles up running into things.  In the pile of "stuff" I had a couple of sets of horse hame bars.  I had to look up the official name but it's part of the whole collar assemble for horses.   Anyway, I also saw a very old metal caster set with an original axle.  I then knew what I had to do!


Here you can see the horse hames.  I cut the metal rings off so they wouldn't snag anyone walking by the table. 

I used some more of the old barn wood just like I used on the party / dining table I recently made in the previous post (HERE).

Here you see the old caster axle.  It took a whole lot of beating with the hammer and a fair amount of WD-40 to get it to release and roll again.  But I got it whooped into shape.

This coffee table is ready for a living room, a man cave, or just about anywhere else!

Measurements:  19" tall; 52" long (to handle ends); 26" deep.

The table is available to be seen at Timeline Antiques & Collectibles Mall for purchase or can be purchased in my Etsy shop (HERE).