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Some recent feathered visitors in my yard...

Here's a proud Rose Breasted Grosbeak male.  They are really skiddish around the feeder so it took a while before he was comfortable enough to hang around a little while.

And here is a female.  The picture is not that good because it's seldom that a female will come down from the trees to take advantage of the feeders.


A pair of Carolina Wrens decided to take up a nest inside one of our water pitchers in the backyard. I left it resting sideways on top of one of our vintage water cooler planters.  They went from sun up to sun down, back and forth all day feeding the chicks.


The Baltimore Orioles have moved through the area and are taking advantage of some sweet oranges and jelly in the feeder just for them.  They really have a sweet tooth (or beak!).



Repurposed Speed Limit Sign Cornhole Board Games!

Hey friends!  Got a couple of similar creations fresh out of the GadgetSponge Garage. 

I've had these two used speed limit signs for a while and, like most things in the garage, I couldn't think of anything to make out of them.  All it takes is time for parts, pieces and objects to stew around in my head until they make soup that makes sense.

I first cut the holes out where I thought the bean bags should go through and then used some leftover wood pieces to frame them up.  I custom distressed the wood with a blue gel stain base.  

I created some stands with some more leftover wood and torched them for a worn look.  The green handles came from the recent fort I built in the backyard.  I built a bridge between the two forks so the rockwall didn't have a place to call home.  These handles came from that side.  They work perfectly for carrying these boards around!

Each board comes with 12 bean bags with four color groups of 3 in each set.  

These cornhole boards are built to last, one-of-a-kind, and should provide many, many years of enjoyment!

BUY THEM NOW!  In my ETSY SHOP (HERE).  Or at Timeline Antiques & Collectibles Mall in Shreveport, LA.


Repurposed Vintage Sears Electric Fence Charger Box Lamp

Hey folks!  Been busier than a swarm of bees.  Got lots to show you and reveal to you soon.  It takes a while to edit all my photos (when I'd rather be in the garage working) so it slows things down a bit.  

But, right now, I've got a new creation to reveal.

I found both of these main items at the same outdoor sale.  The body is a vintage Sears electric fence charging box.  I disconnected the inside so the terminals can't be charged anymore.

The side pieces are called paddle pushers.  Fishermen in innertubes could strap these on their feet and use their feet to paddle while fishing or use them as rudders in a small current.  The flaps close when moved forward and open up with drawn backwards.

The shaft is made up of a vintage flashlight body and a leftover piece from an old lamp. 

I put these very disconnected pieces together because of the very similar paint each one had.  They were made for each other in the repurposing world!

And the bright red light is like a target button that just draws your eyes right in.  The board on the bottom originally came as the backing board for the older pay phone that I used in a recent, past project with the charger, light and bank piece.  I custom aged, stained and sealed it.

This one will soon be in the Etsy shop as soon as I get back in on Monday or so next week.  If you're interested in it, it will be $315 plus shipping.

Measurements:  23.5" wide; 35" tall/ 15" deep.

BUY THEM NOW!  In my ETSY SHOP (HERE).  Or at Timeline Antiques & Collectibles Mall in Shreveport, LA.


A little bit of recent Goldfinch activity in honor of Easter....

Most people that saw me during my bird photography sessions would wonder what the hell I was doing.  I'm usually stuck in a pose with the camera up to my eye for lengths of 30 minutes on average until I absolutely have to move because the position is killing me.  I used to use a blind tent but the weather beat it up over time.  

It takes a lot of patience to get close enough with a zoom lens to get good photographs.  For every "good" photo, there's about 6 more photos that are too similar or just not good at all.  

I hope you enjoy these recent Goldfinch visitors of mine!...

I've never had a group of Goldfinches collect on my roof before.  Thought it was pretty interesting when I turned around once.  I guess they'll go anywhere together.

If you're new to visiting GadgetSponge and wondering why the heck I have photographs of birds on my website, it's because nature is very important to me and part of the whole circle of GadgetSponge.  I try to keep as many parts (junk) out of the landfill in my creations.  This can only help nature.  That's the quick synopsis of it anyway.  Many of my past posts elaborate more on this train of thought.  See you soon!


Bluebird Nesting Update

Here's a quick update on this year's bluebird family in the "favored" bluebird birdhouse on my fence.

The parents are busy going back and forth with all kinds of grubs, bugs, worms and more.  

I also have a Carolina Wren nest going on in a water pitcher that was turned sideways onto of a planter.  They find the craziest (yet functional) places to build nests.  They are deep inside the pitcher so I can't tell how many there are and don't want to disturb that nest because of its location.

More updates as they develop!