Overhauled Dresser with Vintage Blueprints & Yardsticks

Hey folks!  Sorry I've been away from posting a little while.  I've been locked up in GadgetSponge Garage working on several projects.  I should have several posts coming up in the near future as things roll out soon.  I just finished this vintage low dresser.  I used my router to embed lots of nice vintage yardsticks into the surface.  Inside each field lies an original old blueprint with lots of nice detail....

What do you think!?!  I'm going to hate to see this one leave my possession.  I was able to match up the paint pretty good with some Annie Sloan chalk paint.  Lots of careful distressing and several coats of wax finished things up.  Here's lots more pics of the piece....

The dresser measures 45" wide x 21" deep x 33" tall.  

This one along with the other seven might still be available either in the GADGETSPONGE ETSY SHOP or at Timeline Antiques & Collectibles Mall in Shreveport, LA.


Repurposed Twin Bird Silverplate Platters Bird Feeder

Hey folks!  It's been a while since I made a bird feeder.  So here goes!

I've been wanting to use this partitioned silverplate server for a while and finally got after it.

The ends of spoons make for perches and some serve as the support points for the suspending chains.

The small candy dish made a great top and the birds came from some ornate napkin holders.

This one has the option of putting out two different bird seed varieties with the partition in the middle.  Small holes were drilled in the bottom for any drainage needs with rain.

This bird feeder already had a home before I finished creating it!


First-Ever GadgetSponge Summer Etsy Sale

That's right folks!  I'm having a 20% OFF SALE RIGHT NOW on Etsy and at Timeline Antiques in Shreveport, LA. I'm not sure how long so grab what you like while you can!



Domino's GadgetSponge Repurposed Side Table REVEAL

Hey again!  I've got my final photos ready now of the Domino's Pizza Repurposed Storage Side Table.  If you haven't read the earlier posts, Domino's recently changed their logo, and rather than throw all of the old ones, they've asked independent craftsmen and artists like me to upcycle them into creations like this one. See all the pieces and artists at

Below is my first of three different projects I'm doing in association with Domino's.  Stay tuned for progress and final pics to come of the other two projects.  But for now, here's the first project....

After a lot of cleaning years of dust and grime away, the sign polished up pretty nice.  I've had these vintage stainless steel table legs for a while just waiting for the right project.  Found it!

When I started, I had just planned on the Domino's Pizza sign to be just a table.  As soon as I started working on it, I realized it would be a shame to waste all of the space on the interior of the sign.

I had this pair of vintage chrome handles in my stashes and they worked perfectly with the industrial, metal vibe.

Even after thoroughly gutting and cleaning the sign, it still retains all of the subtle blemishes from years of service.  I call it "character."   I used some vintage 70s automotive trim to accent the base of the sign/table.  Some fabrication was involved to create the corner protector pieces.

The vintage table legs have self leveling foot pegs to match your surface perfectly!

Ironically, I found as I was working, I found that the new led for the storage opens like a pizza box!  Go figure!

There's all that space for storage now!  It's about 25" square inside.

If you follow GadgetSponge, you know I've got to sneak in yardsticks or measuring sticks whenever possible.  I thought they worked great to floor the base of the storage area.  I framed up the interior measuring sticks with some more of that vintage automotive trim.  The MEASUREMENTS are:  36" tall by 26" wide and 26" deep.

I always put one of my custom plaques on each creation I make so folks can look me back up.  The piece is also signed and dated on the bottom.  In closing, it's a rock-solid table that will provide years of service and conversation.  Stay tuned for my other Domino's repurposing projects coming up!

This one along with the other seven might still be available either in the GADGETSPONGE ETSY SHOP or at Timeline Antiques & Collectibles Mall in Shreveport, LA.



Domino's GadgetSponge Repurposed Side Table FINAL Progress

Hey friends!  Here's the followup on the progress of the table to its end.  It's all finished and I'll be posting the final pics within a day.  Be sure to follow my progress here, on my Facebook page and on in the coming weeks.  

I created these custom corner pieces from aluminum angle bar.  They keep the sharper edges of the vintage automotive trim I used from catching folks as they walk by.  

Here's another angle from one of the corners.  All imperfections on the shell of the box are just as they were received from it being used for years at the particular Domino's (Pizza) location.

I just HAD to add some yardsticks somewhere on this.  I know -- it's a bad habit.  But I hope you'll find this use of them perfect for the floor of the storage compartment.  I used some more of the vintage automotive trim to frame up the measuring sticks at the edges.

In the next post, I'll show off the whole table in it's final state.  PLEASE STAY TUNED!!!