Two New Birdhouses Pictures Coming Tomorrow....

But here's a tease until then....


Cajun Crawfish Mixed Media Sculpture/Art Piece

Here's a mixed media piece that started with the crawfish/lobster copper mold and took off from there.  It's about 2 feet across.  It's got a mix of stained glass, copper twisted wire, pennies, a film reel, and some copper leaves.  I hope you enjoy it!

To see more images of the crawfish artpiece and others, visit the PHOTO GALLERY!


New Vintage Copper Watering Can Birdhouse - SOLD!

Here's a great little birdhouse I had fun making.  It started with a medium copper watering can.  I cut the top off and used an old enamel cooking pot lid.  Then I needed balance the color so I modified some fins from an old vegetable steamer and painted them blue for shutters.  Some accessories, a napkin ring, a hanging ring, some brass dresden and some more copper and it's complete! 

To see more images of the birdhouse and others, visit the PHOTO GALLERY!


New Vintage License Plate birdhouse - SOLD!

Here's one of my newest creations.  I wanted to see how well a license plate would evolve into a birdhouse.  I got lucky with the "TEA" canister retro lid.  The body is an old, medium copper water can.  And various parts are some accessories, a napkin ring, a small cooking pot top (for the base), some copper plumbing hangers, a typewriter part that I bent for the handle and an old spoon.

Be sure and check out the rest of the photos for this birdhouse and others in the PHOTO GALLERY.


Photo Gallery Now, LOTS More Very Soon!...(All SOLD!)

You can expect great things here at GadgetSponge in the very near future.  I'm busy tinkering right now and will talk up items out there and items I've created very soon.  But, until then, please visit the photo gallery and my main blog ( in the meantime.  See you very soon!

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