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Another Carolina Wren Nest - A Repurposed Nest

Carolina Wrens are opportunists.  My friend Phil had wrens nest in his running shoe sitting on a window ledge more than once.  When these wrens get to building a nest, they don't waste any time.  This one was complete in less than a day.

The helmet was originally just put on top of the planter right by the back door when we were playing in the backyard.  The wren saw an opportunity!  I moved the pot and helmet to the top of my locker storage cabinet so it wouldn't get disturbed and this is how it proceeded....

Six beautiful eggs!  It amazes me how these little bitty gals can hold that many eggs.  These photos were taken a little while back so there should be some hatchlings very soon.  More to come!


Some recent feathered visitors in my yard...

Here's a proud Rose Breasted Grosbeak male.  They are really skiddish around the feeder so it took a while before he was comfortable enough to hang around a little while.

And here is a female.  The picture is not that good because it's seldom that a female will come down from the trees to take advantage of the feeders.


A pair of Carolina Wrens decided to take up a nest inside one of our water pitchers in the backyard. I left it resting sideways on top of one of our vintage water cooler planters.  They went from sun up to sun down, back and forth all day feeding the chicks.


The Baltimore Orioles have moved through the area and are taking advantage of some sweet oranges and jelly in the feeder just for them.  They really have a sweet tooth (or beak!).



A little bit of recent Goldfinch activity in honor of Easter....

Most people that saw me during my bird photography sessions would wonder what the hell I was doing.  I'm usually stuck in a pose with the camera up to my eye for lengths of 30 minutes on average until I absolutely have to move because the position is killing me.  I used to use a blind tent but the weather beat it up over time.  

It takes a lot of patience to get close enough with a zoom lens to get good photographs.  For every "good" photo, there's about 6 more photos that are too similar or just not good at all.  

I hope you enjoy these recent Goldfinch visitors of mine!...

I've never had a group of Goldfinches collect on my roof before.  Thought it was pretty interesting when I turned around once.  I guess they'll go anywhere together.

If you're new to visiting GadgetSponge and wondering why the heck I have photographs of birds on my website, it's because nature is very important to me and part of the whole circle of GadgetSponge.  I try to keep as many parts (junk) out of the landfill in my creations.  This can only help nature.  That's the quick synopsis of it anyway.  Many of my past posts elaborate more on this train of thought.  See you soon!


Tufted Titmouse Visit

I was finally able to get some updated pictures of some Titmouses the other day.  I hope you like them...

You can find many more of my bird photography (HERE).


Carolina Wren Pair Visit

It's been a while since I've posted some of my bird photographs.  For those who enjoy them, I'm sorry.  For those that don't --- LOOK AWAY!  Haha.

Here's just a few pics of a pair of Carolina Wrens that visited a few days ago.  And as anyone that is familiar with Carolina Wrens knows, they were all over the place and as curious as can be.

AND...a reminder to all those bird-lovers out there to support the foundations out there of your choice to protect these beautiful creatures.  Most all are tax-deductible!