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Some recent nature...

Mourning Dove pair

Ruellia/Wild Petunia/Mexican Petunia

Common Green Anole (it was jumping back and forth to a stepping stone to snatch up ants as they crawled by)

Carolina Wren checking out the potential spiderweb scene.


Bizarro Birds #2: Painted Robin

I'm not knocking Robins because they are beautiful birds as they are, but "What if?"  What if Robins were either a tropical bird or a beauty like a Painted Bunting.  Anyway, I thought I'd have a little fun with them.  It always amuses me when the birds pick one leg up while perching.


Bizarro Birds #1: Black Cardinal

Have you seen one of these Cardinals lately?  Well, me neither!  Here and there over the past few months I've had a little bit of fun with some of my bird photographs by taking a good bit of time to realistically alter their appearance.  Here and there I'll be posting them for entertainment and to throw out the question of "What If" and wondering what if this particular bird existed.  Enjoy!


After The Rain...


Monday Visitors...

Here are a few visitors from early this morning that ventured into the yard while it was still quiet this morning...

Carolina Wren

The early bird REALLY DOES get the worm (American Robin)

One of our resident rabbits.  I'm pretty sure this one of the babies from our early Spring family we found in a quiet corner of the yard.  There were four little bunnies.  Hopefully the other three have found favorite yards for themselves.

A male Cardinal grabbing some peanuts for breakfast.