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Recent Find...

I thought from now on I would take y'all, fairly often, on the little sides roads of creativity that tell the GadgetSponge story.

I'll start with this great piece that my friend Brian (yes, another Brian) ran across a couple of days ago.

This vintage galvanized cooler is almost three feet tall! You can kind of see the size of it by the faded image of it sitting on the back tailgate of my truck. Our best guess is that it was the water cooler for a large company or factory. It's about as big around as a whiskey barrel. It is double-walled and has that great spigot at the bottom.

This one has been using up some extra creative juices lately trying to figure out what I can make out of it. Any ideas out there?

P.S. -- A little inside info: I'm currently working on the next repurposed roller skate truck! It's a doozy!


Pair of Vintage Wooden Water Skis as Lighted Storage Organizer with Wire Baskets & More!

I've been having a lot of fun with vintage, wooden water skis lately and it continues with this creation today.  I've got two more creations in the works that you'll see in the near future.  You know me -- I get fired up with a certain material or object, go nuts and then move on.

It's always grea to run across a matching pair of these vintage sticks!  And before someone gets mad about me "ruining" these old water skis, there's plenty of them out there across the continent at garage sales, thrift stores and more.  This are my attempts at prolonging the life of great, classic items like these so they can be enjoyed hopefully longer than they were originally intended as water skis.

I'd been holding onto the large Tiger Tobacco tin for a while entertaining the thought of making it some sort of decorative birdhouse, but once I saw the beautiful red on the ski graphics, I knew I had found its home.  

This common but classic light fixture finds a great new home up top to shine some light on whatever items get stored in this piece.

I've also got huge crush on vintage wire gym baskets.  A couple of them fit perfectly on this piece for added storage.  Repurpose & Enjoy folks!


Enamel Porcelain Blue Kettle & Big Ben Alarm Clock Repurposed Upcycled Birdhouse Art Piece

Hey folks!  I've finally got another repurposed metal birdhouse completed after quite a while.  The last one I created was the Chrome Flour Canister "Pod" (HERE).  I'll try not to take so long in between making them.  I've just been having a tremendous time making other repurposed and upcycled creations!  Haha.

I hope this new one doesn't let you down.  It's got a ton of custom work with heavily modified vintage and antique silverplate utensils.  

What do you think!?!  I created this one with a working vintage Big Ben alarm clock and the repurposed birdhouse structure can serve as storage for hiding away whatever you want to!

Look at all that silverware!  I picked some of my finer pieces to really show off the decorated parts of the utensils.  This piece has been given a couple of CLEAR COATS to preserve the polished look of the silverplate so it won't tarnish.

The Big Ben alarm clock works great and has that great bell-ringing alarm.

There's your secret hideaway space!

I didn't neglect the back of the birdhouse either!  Check out that custom-cut rose leaf trio made from different vintage and antique silverplate spoons!

The pitcher handle got some added love to with the large serving spoon getting the custom rose leaf work.

A fork compliments and supports the spout.

This repurposed item, along with my other creations, is available in the GadgetSponge Etsy Shop and at Timeline Antiques in Shreveport, LA!


GadgetSponge Featured in Birds & Blooms Magazine Again! DIY Bird Feeder Feature...

Yay!  I've been featured in my favorite magazine again.  This time I broke it down on how to create a DIY bird feeder.

 Pick up your latest copy of Birds & Blooms in your town!  Or, better yet, SUBSCRIBE!!!


Repurposed Vintage Water Ski as a Towel & Robe Rack for the Bathroom

Hey GadgetSponge fans.  First off - thank you for your continued support.  All the "Pinning, Likes, Bookmarking, Sharing and more are sincerely appreciated.  It's hard trying to get noticed out their in the big world of ours and all of your individual pats on the back aren't taken for granted.

So, what's next!?!  I'll tell you!  It's something very handy and totally original for the bathroom that needs that touch of unique creativity.

The vintage water skis have really started to gravitate to me lately for some reason.  They are seeking me out!  So I'm constantly trying to figure out what to do with them among everything else in the garage.

Once I got my hands on the vintage glass rod towel rack bars, I knew exactly what was about to go down.  Pairing two matching rods together worked perfectly on the long water ski.  And it left just enough room to add some more functionality.  

The vintage faucet handle on the end worked perfectly with the theme of the project.  The two antique galvanized water well chain baskets/hoppers serve perfectly to hold any toiletries you might have.  They were originally connected in a series of several by a chain to continuously retrieve water from a well.

If you'd like to get toothbrush off your sink counter, this would be perfect!  Or maybe some Q-tips, brush or whatever else you'd like to get out of the way neatly.

I have left the glass rods unglued to safely be able to ship the glass rods with the water ski board.  Once the buyer has received it, I would recommend gluing the rods in place.

You can find my creations in the GadgetSponge Etsy Shop, at Timeline Antiques in Shreveport, LA and C & C Electric Co. in Shreveport, LA!  This specific creation can be viewed at Timeline Antiques.