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Upcycled Nightstand Record Cabinet w/ Light

Hey folks!  Been busy working in the garage and with Shreveport Salvage but I do have a few creations that are new to post.  Here's one of the latest.   My wonderful daughter wanted something to store her record collection in and I knew exactly what to do.  She had limited space so I remembered doing a design before that was very vertical and didn't take up much space (HERE).   But, of course, it had to be different and totally unique.  So here's what I came up with....

I started with a great, little vintage nighstand and went vertical from there....

An old car emblem adorns the top of the nightstand.  Ties in well with how my beautiful daughter has transformed into an awesome young woman.

A record collection is all about displaying your favorite albums at certain times and enjoying the album art.  So, I made these side display racks with old toy train tracks and building blocks.

Up top, a vintage tail light housing serves as the location for the light switch.  Behind it is a vintage wood clock body, a vintage flashlight and finally a lamp body piece route the power cord to the back.

I had been saving this awesome glass rod light for a special project and this was the perfect project.  On the back I mounted some vintage tin.

I left the drawers to the nightstand natural for some great warmth and contrast.

Some decorative, punched tin surrounds the light canopy.

A new LED bulb that looks like a standard bulb lights up the piece.

Measurements:  Height 78"; Width 18"; Depth 23"


Repurposed Vintage Philco Radio Bookcase

Hey folks!  Got a new project just finished and fresh from GadgetSponge Garage!  I get a lot of flack for heavily modifying these old console/wall radios but true is when I get my hands on them, they are most of the time just the shells of the radio in poor condition.  So all the haters out there move on because this won't be the last one you see from me.

This particular one was missing the top radio dial and guts along with pretty much everthing below as well including the speaker.  So it was a fresh canvas for me.  I started by building the housing for the bookcase.  I used old salvaged shiplap boards for this.  They still had the old short nails that held the fabric wallpaper to the boards on them.  After polishing up the bookcase with extras like the finished off yardsticks and such, I moved on to the compartment up top that I created using an old exit sign facing.  A vintage window lock clasps the "exit" door securely.

Lastly was a ton of custom metal work all over the piece.  I used some new/old stock of vintage furniture metal corner bead.  It was a lot of work but was also a lot of fun with all the detailing.  It really makes the whole creation pop!  Everywhere you see metal on this is custom work since there was no metal before.  




Height 36"; Width 33.5"; Depth 13.5"

See it in my ETSY SHOP or at Timeline Antiques & Collectibles Mall in Shreveport!


Bird Feeder Station Repurposed Door

I was asked by Cultural Crossroads of Minden to create an artpiece using a vintage door for them to display during their upcoming Spring Arts Festival / ChickenStock event on April 16th.

I knew I needed to knock out the glass up top because I was leary of painting on it and it getting accidentally broken.  The chicken/rooster is kind of a mascot for the ChickenStock (Spring Arts Festival) each year so I made a custom one for the window opening.  I wanted to give it some added support so I put yardsticks behind it going across the back.  I custom painted the rooster a bright red and painted the door in several shades of bright yellow/orange.  I then distressed everything to give it some instant age.

The rest is a mix match of different vintage parts and objects to serve as individual bird feeding stations.  Each one features drain holes to allow water to drain if rain should come by.  


Another Fine Spotlight -- This Time From!

I wanted to thank for the fine article published today.  It focuses on things that I like to find specifically at estate sales and the importance of not throwing away items before the sale as the homeowner because there's a potential market for even that stuff.   Check it out (HERE)!


Repurposed Vintage Water Skis Floor Lamp & Coat Rack!

Hey folks!  I still love making things with vintage water skis and this one is another creation I'm very proud of....

I had put the water skis in the triangle pattern almost a year ago and never knew which direction to take it from there as far as the lighting.  Inspiration finally hit and I was able to complete it.

I had the vintage barber-style globe up on a shelf and I guess I never gave it much thought.  It sits on top of a vintage heating lamp shade.  The on/off switch sits atop a great, vintage toy car.  

I thought the vintage (unused!) mouse trap would be a great piece to hold receipts, notes, biz card, or anything else that needed to go with you on the way out the next day.  The vintage toy rocket ship piece is a great place to throw those keys at the end of the day so you know where to find them.

I finally got to use some of these retro hair curler parts on a project.  As you can see, they either hold the umbrella or give it a place to hang on to.  There's three around the perimeter of the body.

I kept the ceramic cone intact on the vintage heater body.

Beep!  Beep!

A nice, round wood base completes the piece with custom distressing and painting to give it a solid foundation. Notice the tinker toy hub piece at the cord exit!  Beat up hinges hold things firmly in place.

See/purchase this one-of-a-kind creation at Timeline Antiques & Collectibles Mall in Shreveport, LA or in my ETSY SHOP!

Measurements:  Height 84"; Width 24"; Depth 24"