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Repurposed / Upcycled Vintage Water Ski Custom Fish on a Stringer

Hello there!  Because I'm sometimes addicted to working with vintage water skis, I've completed yet another set of creations with the fish theme.

This awesome group of fish should tie me over for just a little while with my craving to work with vintage skis.  This is a set of eight different, custom fish.  All with rustic edges and carved detailing.  They are all hung from a heat-treated metal fish stringer to bring out some age and color in the metal.  

The longest fish measures 21" long.

These fish are ready to be seen and purchased at Timeline Antiques & Collectible Mall in Shreveport or in my Etsy shop (HERE).


Repurposed Vintage Water Ski Fish Glass Shelf & Accessories!

Summer is heating up down here in North Louisiana.  I've been messing with different items to create various creations lately.  Very recently, I just had to work up another repurposed vintage water fish wall rack.

My friend, Randy, gifted me a couple of vintage bathroom accessory sets.  And this fish creation features one of the original, vintage sets!  I love the elements and especially the green tinted thick glass shelf.  Here it is!  You can see it in person at Timeline Antiques Mall here in Shreveport, LA (HERE) or in my Etsy shop (HERE).

Measurements:  48" wide; 10" tall at fins; 5.75" deep at glass.


My Repurposed Lockers Board

The fine folks at Hometalk recently reached out to work together on a board featuring repurposed uses of lockers. I was glad to help.  The board even features a couple of my creations! is a fantastic website for home solutions, DIY, and lots of inspiration.  Check out these cool ideas for making the most of lockers in your home (HERE)!!


Custom Birdhouses with Repurposed Elements

Hello again friends!  Very recently I made a series of custom birdhouses with some repurposed parts and pieces on the front for some added character.   You can see them in person at Timeline Antiques Mall in Shreveport, LA (HERE).  Enjoy!.....


Overhauled Long Drawer Dresser with Vintage Yardsticks and Original 1930s Coca-Cola Factory Blueprints

Hey friends!  I've been trying not to get behind on my posting and showing more of what I've created as it rolls out.  I'm starting to catch up!

Here's a recent creation that is very similar to the style of the dresser I did a while back (HERE).  I liked the style so much and got so many compliments on the dresser that I wanted to do another take on it once I found the right piece.  My grandmother bought this long drawer dresser a good while back because she liked the long, flat drawers and she could store away a good bit in it.  She passed at the first of this year and I definitely wanted it so I could give it the same style treatment as the dresser.  I know she would love this one if she could see it now.  If she were alive, I'd give it right back.  

Check out those drawers!  It had some dull, fake bronze knobs on it and I changed them out to these handles that complimented the long span of the drawers.  Plus, it reminded me of the old handles you'd see in the school science labs of the past.

I roughly laid out the plans for the yardstick boudaries and cut out the blueprint pieces to fill the spaces.  Then I marked my dead spaces where the yardsticks would be inlaid and got to carving and routing out the gulleys for the yardsticks.  Lots of dust and shavings but I was proud of the tight lines and perfect surface.  My buddy, Bill, had these blueprints when I put the word out I was looking for original blueprints a while back.  These are definitely cool.  It features details of the Syrup room and more!

It's no secret that a deep, nice blue works so well with oranges.  And the orange in the vintage yardsticks really came out.  

I've still got a little bit of the new/old stock of original vintage metal furniture trim so I threw some of that around the top edge to set things off.  Love that stuff and wish I could find some more!

Measurements:  26.5" tall; 31" wide; 21" deep.

This custom one-of-a-kind creation can be seen in person at Timeline Antiques in Shreveport, LA (HERE) OR in my Etsy shop (HERE) very soon (or already bythe time this goes live).  Thanks everyone and stay tuned!!!