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Repurposed Vintage Lil Pro Water Ski Soda/Beer Bottle Opening Station

Hey folks!  I've got the newest bottle opening station to reveal!  I really knew it was going to be fun when I laid eyes on this vintage junior water ski.  The colors pop and the design is fantastic.  It's currently my only one I have left in stock until I find time to make more so grab it if you like it!  In my Etsy shop (HERE) or at Timeline Antiques & Collectibles Mall (HERE).


Height:  26"; Width:  6.5";  Depth:  7.5"


21 DIY Nightstand Ideas Over at Hometalk.com!

Hey folks!  I'm working with the great folks over at Hometalk.com again to bring some really cool DIY Nightstand Ideas on a board I just created over there!

For those that might not know, Hometalk.com is a fantastic resource for all things home.  Whether it's ideas on how to remodel that kitchen or some how-to on a simple home project or repair or even just some cool ideas that you might like. Tons of great folks have already posted thing on their individual pages and you can too!  You can find my page (HERE).

So go check out this board over on Hometalk.com (HERE) and then start your own page to start "clipping" ideas to save and remember, or build some boards of your own and post some information you've done around the home to share with others!


My Updated Antique Booth in Bossier City, LA

Hey folks!  I thought I would take a minute to give you a peek at the booth over in Bossier at Antique Shoppes at 1100 Barksdale Blvd.  They had a dealer day for just the dealers to come in and work on their booths, restock, and what not.  We also had a potluck meal.  It was great meeting the dealers that I haven't met yet and to get to catch up with the ones I did know.

Anyway, here's a few pics to show you how things are looking.  In this booth, I have a lot more of my creations than in my Shreveport booth (Timeline Antiques & Collectibles Mall), which has more antiques and collectibles mixed in since it's a larger booth.

So here's the pics!.... 




Repurposed Vintage Water Ski "Fish-Themed" Wall Racks


Hey folks!  I've got something fresh from GadgetSponge Garage.  I love working with vintage skis so I wanted to carry things further and see what I could come up with.  I also enjoy fish and raise african cichlids at home.  So I went after the fish theme!


Vintage water skis have such a rich, warm tone to them.  After cut out the shapes of the smaller fish, I knew I shouldn't overcrowd it so I went with some vintage-style hooks.  This one is great for keys, scarves, etc.  The eye is a vintage, industrial light indicator cover.

The large towel rack design was a blast to make.  I wanted the body of the fish to be as big as possible so I added back custom pieces to make each fin.  I have just a few more vintage glass towel rods so I used one of them for this piece.


I definitely plan to do more of these down the road, but I'm off to other creations in the meantime!

You can find these in one of my local booths or in my ETSY SHOP.


2014 Recap and Personal Loss

Hey folks and friends!  It's been just a little while since I've posted on the blog.  I've been super busy on Facebook posting things to keep things fresh and to stay connected.

I wanted to touch base with everyone and let them know I'm still here and strong and ready for what 2015 brings.  2014 saw a lot of exposure and small successes for GadgetSponge.  Magazine articles, a book feature, a lot of attention from other blogs, contributing roles in several media forms, and some other things that will hopefully reveal themselves in the new year.

The end of 2014 had my family and I pretty busy and concerned for the health of my maternal grandmother.  She was the rock of the family.  Her house was the hub for everyone.  She had the most influence on me growing up and I was still her baby until her last breathe.  And I cherished it and her immensely.  We lost her on January 1st.  But we were super rich with what we gained during the many, many years we had her.  She taught us well, lived by example, and was the most generous person I knew with whatever she had to offer.  She touched many lives outside of the family as well and was a semi-mentor to many.  She squeezed every ounce of life out of her 91 years.  She lived independently until her last trip to the hospital.  She lived life her way and I can only hope to have even a portion of that success.

I'm looking forward to what 2015 has to offer and what I can make of it.  My graphic design work is slowly winding down as I focus more on GadgetSponge -- my true passion.  I learn something new every day and I constantly try to bring you things you've never seen before.  I hope you all are onboard for the ride and I sincerely appreciate every bit of enjoyment you get from GadgetSponge.  A "like" or a "share" or a "pin" thrills me to no end that you've appreciated the work that goes into every piece.

So let's get on this horse and head in every direction together.  Please contact me if you ever need anything or just want to drop a line.  Let's get after it!!!.....