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Repurposed Simplex Factory Timeclock / Punch Clock Lamp

Hey junkers and fans!  I recently finished a lamp that I've been wanting to put together for quite a while so I knocked it out the other day so satisfy the long urge.

It started with the wood base.  I pulled some board from some scraps and did a paint and distressing session on it.  Cleaning up the timeclock and crack it open came next.  It's pretty heavy and there's a good bit of gears inside.  It still has the original ink ribbon in there!

I knew I wanted to pair it with a vintage flashlight for the stem.  I've had this copper flashlight for a while -- just saving it for just the right project.  It was finally time.  To top things off, I used a large, vintage hand valve handle and a black plastic on/off valve.


This one along with the other seven might still be available either in the GADGETSPONGE ETSY SHOP or at Timeline Antiques & Collectibles Mall in Shreveport, LA.


Some of my great finds while out junkin' (11/2013)

Hey fine folks! I honestly try to remind myself to post more than just my creations. I'd like to let you into my world some more but I always get too busy and forget.

Well, I didn't this time!

I went out with some good buddies the other day to the salvage yard and then some more pickin' at a residence. And here's some of the goodies I grabbed!

How about this great light green kitchen scale! I've had plenty but none this punchy! Metal casters always rock. And my first manufacturing mold! How "handy"! Har har. My imaginative wheels are spinning on that piece.

My fellow traveler spotted these great, heavy-duty springs. They came from railroad car wheel assemblies. And, on top, is an almost complete wall hanger group piece.

And we hit a jackpot on large turning valves. We could only manage to get a few loose. We'll be more prepared next time. Found a few smaller automotive accessory lights. There you can see a large metal clamp also. The metal screen probably came off an industrial apliance.

Are you drooling!!!! I still am and I have them now. Porcelain / enamel letters! These are all about 6 to 8" tall. What a find!

I found two of these old porcelain / enamel small sinks. They are only about 15" across. Can you say fountain basin! Or who knows what else.

Being a fish fanatic that I am, I was going nuts over finding this retro, chrome aquarium. The chrome aquariums came in several sizes and all had chrome edging. They were mostly manufactured by Metaframe in the 60s I belive. This one has no rust. I can't believe it. I'm definitely going to overhaul it and use it once again for some smaller fish. Any freshwater fish fanatics out there? I raise several kinds of African Cichlids.

Anyway - that's the majority of the treasures I was able to scoop up. More to come soon and you'll definitely be seeing some of these pieces in future creations!


Domino's SecondHandLogos.com GadgetSponge Repurposed Lamp Project

Hey friends!  It's time for the next official Domino's (Pizza) SecondHandLogos.com GadgetSponge project!

This project will be an elaborate lamp using a car topper that is used for delivery and some officially used letters from a Domino's location.  I'll be including more pieces to finish out this project but here are the main components.  

I'll be posting several updates on the progress.   It's my current project so it'll be on the fast track.  Stay tuned!!!


Repurposed Wine Caddy - Using Sewing Machine Drawer Slide Racks

Hey folks!  I'm back from computer purgatory.   Today, I'm revealing my repurposed wine caddies that I created using old sewing machine drawer slide racks.  They've been sitting in my garage for quite a while and I finally came up with something to do with them.

You can also use them to hold barbecue tools, towels in a bathroom, picnic supplies, or just about anything else that would fit into the sections for just about any room in the house!

This one along with the other seven might still be available either in the GADGETSPONGE ETSY SHOP or at Timeline Antiques & Collectibles Mall in Shreveport, LA.


Repurposed Upcycled Saltine Cracker Tin Metal Birdhouse Art Piece with Alarm Clock

Hey friends!  I got the urge to make another repurposed birdhouse.  This is probably my 90th one or so.  I've only got about six left on hand in my Etsy shop if you're looking for a great gift for yourself or someone else.

I've run across this cracker tin many times in the garage and knew what it was destined for.  It just so happened that I ran across this warming/burner plate and decided to see if they would fit.  And that was the seed for the current project just completed and revealed here for you....

The two pieces worked perfectly together.  And I happened to have an old alarm clock assembly to mount into the top of the tin box.

It's always fun to think of new ways to incorporate vintage silverplate utensils into the design.  And a good friend found the vintage tin dollhouse awning piece.  I had been saving it for just this purpose.  The light aqua blue went perfectly with the "PREMIUM" text color on the tin.

The "wings" are blades from a vintage fan.  The chrome handles worked perfectly on the sides of the base.

The top lid does come off for some clever storage options.  Or a great hiding place!

The measurements are 13" tall; 10" wide; 8" deep.

This one along with the other seven might still be available either in the GADGETSPONGE ETSY SHOP or at Timeline Antiques & Collectibles Mall in Shreveport, LA.