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Custom EyeGlass Artwork Carved Table

Hey friends!  Just finished this table.  The top is the other half of (this recent other project).  I picked up the legs on a junkin trip and made a custom backing panel so it could fit against a wall or the back of a couch maybe.

I've been wanting to carved something into a table for quite a while now.  I've made a couple of signs before by carving out the letters, but never with specific artwork.  I used a flex shaft on a dremel with some burring bits.  

I also used General Finishes' Klein Blue milk paint.  This is the first time I've used their milk paint and it was awesome!  Went on super smooth, the brush just kept on going with the paint and it distresses very well.  I'm sold on using their paint from here on out!

Now back to the table....

Measurements:  45" wide; 33" tall;  24" deep.

This table will be available in my ETSY SHOP (HERE) soon.  It can be seen in person at one of these three locations:

Timeline Antiques & Collectibles Mall in Shreveport, LA

Saved By Grace Antiques in Bossier City, LA

The Agora Borealis in Shreveport, LA


Upcycled Nighstand with Mirror & Light!

Hey folks!  It's been just a little bit since I've posted but I've been busy in GadgetSponge Garage.  This post features one of the more elaborate creations lately.  

It started with a great vintage nightstand.  I wanted to take it to the next level like I've never seen before but it took sleeping on it to get the idea.  What goes great with a nightstand and is needed in a bedroom or works in any room?  A MIRROR!!!!

I used some vintage table legs for the bottom brace for the mirror.  They worked perfectly.  Up top, the only thing I had to buy new was the punched metal screen.  An old Chrysler emblem topped things off better than I'd hoped while repeating the red color of the piece.  The reclaimed mirror that I cut down is framed up on the sides with thick yardsticks and some vintage automobile metal trim at the bottom.

A piece this tall needed a light to go with the mirror.  I used a vintage vanity light.  The light is powered by a remote control switch fob.  

I hope you like it!....

Above you see the main ingredients for this one-of-a-kind creation.  

 Measurements:  15" wide; 85" tall;  20" deep.

This table will be available in my ETSY SHOP (HERE) soon.  Or at Timeline Antiques & Collectibles Mall in Shreveport, LA.


30 Very Creative DIY Lamps over on HomeTalk.com!

Hey friends!  I wanted to let you know of an awesome source for home solutions, creative ideas for the home, and generally anything about the home.  It's over at HomeTalk.com!  I've been posting over there for quite a while and really have enjoyed making new friends and seeing new ways to do many, many things.  

Recently, they reached out to me to search around HomeTalk and find some really creative lamps and how the person created them.  You can find my new "DIY LAMPS!" board right (HERE).  Or you can click the image below.  There's even a few of my lamps in the mix!

Leave some comments if you want to and start your own page on HomeTalk to post, save ideas there, or make some boards of your own!


Overhauled Large Stadium Light

Hey folks!  A while back I posted (HERE) a "junk haul" with Justin from Muddy Water Resurrections.  We ran across some really cool stadium lights that had seen the last of their stadiums.  They were a cool, faded blue on the outside.   Well I was tired of tripping over them so I took one of the three to see what it could be.  I ended up cleaning it (deep!), magic erasering it, and modifying it/rewiring it to take a large 150 watt compatible bulb.  It still shines super bright but this time it won't burn your skin! Ha.

I took the monstrous transformer/power box off the base.  Just too heavy and hopefully can use the shell on another project.

I gave the reflector screen a good scrubbing and painted the front of the light housing a fire engine red for some added pop.  After creating a new stem and light assembly setup, I gave it an inline switch for versatility.  

And here it is lit up in the booth!  Done!

Measurements:  27" wide; 14.5" tall; 15" deep with arm extended

This table will be available in my ETSY SHOP (HERE) soon.  Or at Timeline Antiques & Collectibles Mall in Shreveport, LA.


Custom Painted Checkers-Themed 1/2 Table

Hey folks!  Got a new project fresh from GadgetSponge Garage.  Recently, I picked up a table top from an estate sale.  It was rather large, so I decided to chop it in half and make two tables.  This is the first one of the two.  Because of being up against a wall, I faced the back legs to the forward position so the table would sit flush against the wall.  I also created a custom backboard to go across the piece to give it a finished look and something to stop anything on top from sliding all the way to the wall.  

I hope you like it!

The old table legs I picked while junking in Arkansas.  The were original mostly antique white but had seen some other colors (and lots of knocks, knicks, and abuse).  I knew they would be fantastic for the distressing I was going to do on top of all that!  The table top was originally a brown toned finish.  I belt sanded the top finish off since it was kind of chippy.  I wanted a fresh start to what I had planned.

The main paint I used was Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in the Florence color.  The orange was the Arles Orange in her line.  I really had no preference as far as manufacturer, I just knew these colors fairly well and wanted them specifically since the colors work so well together and really take well to distressing and dark wax.

On top I first started with the orange (2 coats) and then two coats of the Florence blue (2 coats).  The masking off of the squares was NO FUN, but I knew what I wanted to pull off and got it done.

The fun thing about this table is it can serve as a game table just as easily as it can serve as a hall table with the checker pattern just being seen as a decorative pattern.

On the underside, I reinforced the strength of the vintage table legs with a 2x4 frame so they wouldn't budge a bit.  I can't stand a large table with a shimmy!

The measurements will be posted here soon.  I always forget to get the measurements before I take it to the shop!  

This table will be available in my ETSY SHOP (HERE) soon.  Or at Timeline Antiques & Collectibles Mall in Shreveport, LA.