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Junkin' & Pickin' on a Rainy Day!

You know steady rains can't stop a good pickin' opportunity.  GadgetSponge (me) & Muddy Water Resurrections (Justin) headed out against mother nature today on a lead and ended up with 3 old stadium lights each!  The wheels are already spinning on what to do with them.  Any suggestions!?!


GadgetSponge Feature: Reloved Magazine!!

A big thanks to the fine folks at Reloved Magazine over in the UK for their recent interview they conducted with me.  What a great magazine.  If you haven't heard of them, please check them out.  Tons of great content, ideas and a fresh look at the stuff we all enjoy!

There's my interview online and there will also be a shorter story in the current issue which will go on sale April 10th.

Click the image below or go (HERE) to read the online interview...


Little Libraries #2: Repurposed Little Library Project Updates!

Hey there folks!  Got some new insight on the project builds for the GadgetSponge and Muddy Water Resurrections repurposed little libraries!

Here you can see how we took out dividers and made four larger areas to accommodate children's books of all sizes toward the bottom.  The top compartments will stay the same for teen and adult books.  We permanently connected the doors also so they would work as one door for the larger compartments.

Here you see Justin attaching the top cage that resembles the architecture above the door of the Springhill Library.

And here I am following up with securing the top design to the lockers.

For strength and added effect, we decided to use aluminum sheeting for the roof portion of the library.  That way the shape would keep with the rounded arch top.  Here, Justin is rounded off the front corners for safety.

You can see me here tracing the guidelines that will match up to our support slats on top to mount the sheet metal to.

We decided to go for the aircraft wing style with the screws resembling rivets.  We used rubber washers to keep the rain out.

We brought the sheet metal all the way over the distressed wood to better protect it from the weather.

Still much more to come.  In our next update, you'll see the finalized Springhill Library themed little library and a lot of work on the Minden Library project.  Stay tuned!


Little Libraries #1: The Beginnings of Two Repurposed Little Library Projects!

Hey folks!  I've got big news!  GadgetSponge and Justin of Muddy Water Resurrections joined forces to build two repurposed little library creations for the Webster Parish Library system here in Louisiana.  

If you don't know, little libraries are structures that are built to place in areas that, for the most part, aren't too close to the area library.  Just take a book and leave a book.  It's that simple!  The books for these structures will be supplied by the Webster Parish Library and will focus mainly on children's books but will also have adult and other books.

The projects required that we create the little libraries using repurposed items.  And the creations also had to resemble the actual library that they would be close to to a recognizable degree.

The first one we started on was to resemble the library in Springhill, LA.  

It began with cutting out the "bones" of the arch structure that would be on top that would resemble the arched design above the front doors on the actual library...

Now, you can see the arch coming to life.

After the arch was complete, we started on attaching the sideboards that were reclaimed wood.  You can also notice here that we took out the dividers on the bottom few cubbies to make larger compartments for the children's books which can range in sizes of small to very large.

We mounted the arch on top and began mounting the reclaimed wood to the sides.

Be sure to stay tuned to future updates very soon.  This will be a large series showing you each step in creating this little libraries.  Don't miss it!


Big Projects Launched! What Could It Be!

GadgetSponge & Muddy Water Resurrections have a couple of big things up our sleeves!  Stay tuned!