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GadgetSponge Upcycling Featured In A Magazine!

I wanted to take a minute and thank the fine folks at The Minute Magazine, based in Minden, La.  They were mighty kind to allow me to write an article about the fun and benefits of upcycling with a highlight on my upcycled birdhouses.

If you would like to read the article or the magazine, you can find it on page 32 (HERE).



Recycled Wire Bird Nest

Sometimes when you want to just get out in the yard and enjoy the fresh air but want to do something that doesn't require much effort, but more importantly involves sitting down, try creating a wire bird nest.

I created this one out of left over wire from the garage.  If you're short on wire, how about stripping some wire that you will never, ever end up using that's been sitting around.  Most wire these days involves some copper which is nice because of the aging/patina it takes on.

I started with creating a simple basket shape with the stronger wire to give it a bowl shape and then began weaving the other wires in and around through it building up the thickness.  A added some remnant copper weave/mesh to the bottom.

As a final touch, I took some old silverplate utensils in the "stash" and cut the handles off and soldered them into the nest to resemble twigs.  Some copper leaves from another project tied it all together.  A piece of copper tubing was soldered to the bottom to create a stake.

WARNING:  If you have young ones in the household, your marbles (eggs) will slowly (or quickly) disappear.  I think I used to have about 5 or 6 in here at one time. 


Upcycled Antique Rake Birdfeeder - SOLD!

I picked up this rake a while back because it looked like it had some potential to be something.  Luckily, I remembered I had an old chicken feeder trough.  They both started talking to me and this is what they turned into....

I cut and flattened an antique tin canister for the artwork on the back.  Some numbers from an old license plate make the "73".  A metal star from a napkin ring sits up top. And some brass letter stencils came together to spell "FOOD".  I painted some galvanized sheet metal red and soldered it to the brass stencils.  Then I scratched the paint up to make it more uniform with the rest of the stuff.  The only thing that remained was bending a few of the prongs to make perches and the outer two to hold up the feeder trough.  Now if I can just keep the squirrels out of it!

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