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Repurposed Upcycled Red Wagon Sewing Machine Base Storage Table

Howdy folks!  Thanks for hanging in there.  I've been busy putting out fires and working in the garage as much as possible.  Without further delay, I bring you my newest creation!

For no other reason than to try to find ways to use up all the sewing machine bases I have and to get rid of red wagon parts, this new creation sprang forth.  Plus, I'm rich with vintage wire gym baskets.  

I've seen folks make ice trays and beverage carts before but I decided to "turn things over" and make it a table top to hold the wire baskets for storage in just about any room.  Store towels in a bathroom.  Hold detergents and supplies in a laundry room.  Or....


As you can tell if you follow my work, I'll use just about any chance I get to use vintage yardsticks! Some vintage square measuring sticks serve as guides on the table top to slide the baskets in and out.  A piece from a vintage piano I took apart acts as a bumper along the back so the baskets won't slide to far back.

This upcycled item, along with my other creations, is available in the GadgetSponge Etsy Shop and at Timeline Antiques in Shreveport, LA!

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