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Customized Antique Victrola Cabinet > Video Game Console Cabinet

Straight out of GadgetSponge Garage I bring you a totally customized antique Victrola record cabinet.  One of my repeat customers (Micah @ Red Handed Tattoo - Shreveport, LA) needed a cabinet to organize their video game consoles and accessories.  It just so happened that I picked up this Victrola cabinet from my buddy Justin not too long ago and it turned out to be the best solution I could have hoped for.  

The cabinet was far from working so I gutted it to start to give it a new life.  From there, I totally rebuilt the interior walls, and added custom shelving using black and metallic paint on all the new wood construction.  Up top, I used some antique ceiling tin by repainting it and clearcoating it.  It's surrounded by vintage furniture trim along the edges.  I placed the interior Victrola badge on the outside after going to town on all the custom paint, distressing, and waxing.  I hope you enjoy the transformation!...



Repurposed Industrial Gizmo Custom Lamps

Hey friends.  Below are some lamps I recently did under the Shreveport Salvage umbrella of custom work.  You can see/purchase them in person at Timeline Antiques & Collectibles Mall in Shreveport, LA or you can purchase them in the Shreveport Salvage Etsy Shop!  More photos are viewable in the Etsy shop.


Repurposed Metal Parts Anniversary Water Fountain

Not too long ago, I was commissioned to create a large water fountain for a tenth anniversary.  The client wanted something that included aluminum and tin specifically.  After presenting many possible items, I began the long process of creating the fountain.

Below are pictures of the water fountain but we can begin with some videos....

The tough part was figuring out at each connection how to keep it water tight and allowing passage of the center tube for water flow.

I incorporated some of my custom repurposed silverplate spoon rose leaves here and there.  The main focus was having a silverplate teapot at the top spilling over.  The rose leaf spoons allow the water to slowly pour over into the mounted side candle stick holders.

I incorporated the tenth anniversary symbolism with the tin "X" vintage letters on the sides of the teapot.  I also included ten dimes around the perimeter of one platter and ten vintage vegetable steamer fins around the larger one.

I modified some silverplate forks to add support under one platter.

All of the water falls down into a large 44" round galvanized cattle stock tank.  The galvanized silver metal complimented the whole fountain.  Luckily, the client was very happy and the couple should enjoy the fountain for many years to come with the only fountain of its kind!


Repurposed Lamp #19: Vintage Toy Safe & Flashlight Lamp

I've been itching to make another lamp recently so I had to crank one out.   This one features a working vintage toy safe!

Measurements:  Height 36"; Width 13"


Upcycled Nightstand Record Cabinet w/ Light

Hey folks!  Been busy working in the garage and with Shreveport Salvage but I do have a few creations that are new to post.  Here's one of the latest.   My wonderful daughter wanted something to store her record collection in and I knew exactly what to do.  She had limited space so I remembered doing a design before that was very vertical and didn't take up much space (HERE).   But, of course, it had to be different and totally unique.  So here's what I came up with....

I started with a great, little vintage nighstand and went vertical from there....

An old car emblem adorns the top of the nightstand.  Ties in well with how my beautiful daughter has transformed into an awesome young woman.

A record collection is all about displaying your favorite albums at certain times and enjoying the album art.  So, I made these side display racks with old toy train tracks and building blocks.

Up top, a vintage tail light housing serves as the location for the light switch.  Behind it is a vintage wood clock body, a vintage flashlight and finally a lamp body piece route the power cord to the back.

I had been saving this awesome glass rod light for a special project and this was the perfect project.  On the back I mounted some vintage tin.

I left the drawers to the nightstand natural for some great warmth and contrast.

Some decorative, punched tin surrounds the light canopy.

A new LED bulb that looks like a standard bulb lights up the piece.

Measurements:  Height 78"; Width 18"; Depth 23"