Bird Feeder Station Repurposed Door
Monday, April 4, 2016 at 8:02PM
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I was asked by Cultural Crossroads of Minden to create an artpiece using a vintage door for them to display during their upcoming Spring Arts Festival / ChickenStock event on April 16th.

I knew I needed to knock out the glass up top because I was leary of painting on it and it getting accidentally broken.  The chicken/rooster is kind of a mascot for the ChickenStock (Spring Arts Festival) each year so I made a custom one for the window opening.  I wanted to give it some added support so I put yardsticks behind it going across the back.  I custom painted the rooster a bright red and painted the door in several shades of bright yellow/orange.  I then distressed everything to give it some instant age.

The rest is a mix match of different vintage parts and objects to serve as individual bird feeding stations.  Each one features drain holes to allow water to drain if rain should come by.  

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