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Snowberry Clearwing Moth

I was visited by a unique moth yesterday evening.  At first, with its black and yellow banding, I thought I might need to keep my distance.   But on closer inspection I realized it was some variation of a moth.

It never landed but hovered at several butterfly bush flower stalks.  It's flight was mostly silent and it reminded me of a hummingbird in its movement forward and back.  Upon research, it's often called a Hummingbird Moth or a Bumblebee Moth because of the way it flies.  I lean more toward a hummingbird because of it's wing pattern in flight and its tufted tail. 

It was almost 2 inches long.  There are several variations within this moth's family but this one is identifiable by it's black "mask" across the eyes and the yellow and black abdomenal banding.  I was able to get about 2 feet from it without any interference.  Hopefully I'll get another visit.

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