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Repurposed/Upcycled Singer Sewing Machine Drawer Twin Wall Organizers

Howdy GadgetSponge followers!  Thanks for checking back in.  Your support is truly appreciated.

Today, I'm posting a just-finished project including a new way to use vintage sewing machine drawers.  I've used them as tape dispensers, roller skate-wheeled cars, and more.  I'm hoping they continue to provide so much versatility.  Mainly because they are stacking up in the garage!

These wall organizers started off with two very nice, vintage furniture doors.  I'm guessing they might have been doors from the top of an armoire maybe.  They display great age and even have some roughed up sides, but they are definitely beautiful.

The bottom of each repurposed/upcycled organizer features the small flip-out drawers in the front of a sewing machine cabinet.  

Around the perimeter, you see some vintage cloth measuring ribbon/tape.  Love these old measuring tapes.  On top, I reused some of the hinges from the sewing machine to use as the hangers.  This will allow the new owner an easy way to align them and hang them straight with each other.  I like to use self-drilling wall anchors.  They are recommended for drywall only but I've used them in soft woods also. When used in drywall, they are reusable.  They can hold many pounds.  Some up to 40 to 50 pounds.

This custom item, along with my other creations, is available in the GadgetSponge Etsy Shop (soon) and at Timeline Antiques in Shreveport, LA!

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