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Upcycled Nighstand with Mirror & Light!

Hey folks!  It's been just a little bit since I've posted but I've been busy in GadgetSponge Garage.  This post features one of the more elaborate creations lately.  

It started with a great vintage nightstand.  I wanted to take it to the next level like I've never seen before but it took sleeping on it to get the idea.  What goes great with a nightstand and is needed in a bedroom or works in any room?  A MIRROR!!!!

I used some vintage table legs for the bottom brace for the mirror.  They worked perfectly.  Up top, the only thing I had to buy new was the punched metal screen.  An old Chrysler emblem topped things off better than I'd hoped while repeating the red color of the piece.  The reclaimed mirror that I cut down is framed up on the sides with thick yardsticks and some vintage automobile metal trim at the bottom.

A piece this tall needed a light to go with the mirror.  I used a vintage vanity light.  The light is powered by a remote control switch fob.  

I hope you like it!....

Above you see the main ingredients for this one-of-a-kind creation.  

 Measurements:  15" wide; 85" tall;  20" deep.

This table will be available in my ETSY SHOP (HERE) soon.  Or at Timeline Antiques & Collectibles Mall in Shreveport, LA.

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