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Repurposed Traffic/Speed Signs Map Cabinet Bin

One project I finished not too long ago is of a respectable size here.  I was commissioned by the local Downtown Development group to make something to house their rolled up maps that haven't had a home.  I enjoy using old traffic signs whenever possible because they have so much character and draw the eyes immediately.

I also wanted to use some of the vintage carnival wood from Shreveport Salvage because it has so much character and the chipped paint is unbeatable.  

A lot of yardsticks are all over the top of the main bin compartment.  I used acrylic rods to keep the rolled up maps separated and in order.  Vintage tinker toy hubs cap both ends of the rods for added fun.

Vintage reflectors are at the top of each front corner and modified brass corner pieces cap the corners.

 It was also requested to have a place to house a phone that was in the current location of the office.  I made that part out of a galvanized metal box and vintage license plates from Louisiana. 

The side boxes are made from two orange traffic signs with yardsticks around the top lip.  

There's a total of six traffic signs that make up the parts of the whole cabinet.

Some vintage 4x4 posts from the carnival wood make up the posts in each main corner.

There's nothing more satisfying than taking signs, wood, and other elements that I used and giving them a new life that is hopefully twice as long as originally intended.   Take care!

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