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Pickin' at the Scrap Yard

(Sniiiiifffff!)  Breathe in those metallic, oil, and mud smells you can only reap at the scrap yard.  My buddy, Justin (Muddy Water Resurrections) and I took off to the scrap yard a few morning ago.  As usual, the rain preceeded us leaving us with mounds of fresh (deep) mud and plenty of slippery surfaces.

For those that have never been, the draw of the scrap yard is never knowing what you will run across. Granted, 80% of it is already bent, crushed or broken by the time the heavy machines have moved and run over everything.  But there's still great things to be had.  You never know what company has just left there dumping their discarded wares.  It's just the beginning for these items with pickers and repurposers like us.

That day there was a heap of railroad car wheels (way tooooo heavy to fool with), an office furniture truck that dumped some metal shelving and filing cabinets, mounds of heavy wound cable, and a mountain of engine blocks.  Among the tons of other random items.  And in the back was another mountain of discarded (and new it appeared) barbecue smokers in assorted pieces.  Must have been a recall or something.  

You have to keep your wits about you as you jump around (carefully in slippery weather) and dodging the heavy magnetic cranes, the dozers, and "claws".  Don't forget to park where your truck will have the least chance of getting run over by something much bigger.  But they are a very kind and welcoming crowd.  

It's sad in a one way of all the items we discard, and this was all just the metal objects.  But the good news it is all going to be recycled and made anew again.  Justin and I are just the flies and fleas running through grabbing small items, limited by what we can physically left.  If I was The Hulk, there would have been several pieces I would have thrown in the truck!

Here's a few of the gems I found this trip around.  A few pieces for maybe some future lamps and a control box for who knows what.  

So, don't be afraid to head to your local scrap yard.  Just stop in at the office and tell them your intentions and I'm sure they won't mind a bit.  Just remember to WATCH YOUR STEP!  You're very prone to twisting an ankle, falling onto something very sharp or slipping a falling in mud (I've partially done that before).   Oh, and HAVE FUN!


GadgetSponge Serves Up Q&A in Reloved Magazine!

So proud to be in the current issue of Reloved Magazine.  If you don't know, it's published in the UK and is a fantastic source on featuring creative minds doing what they do best in the craft and repurposing/upcycling world.  They contacted me to help with some questions in the Q&A department.  I answered two questions so I'll be in the next issue or so as well.  

You can check them out on iTunes (HERE) or subscribe (HERE).

CLICK on one of the images below or (HERE) to see the feature!


Round #2 of Repurposed Wall Hangers!

Hey folks!  I've got a run of some more repurposed wall hangers that I created once before (HERE) and (HERE).

They will be in my Etsy shop very soon or you can see them in person at The Agora Borealis!

I really enjoy making these and getting to use a lot of small, old items to make each one interesting.  Check them out!...


No. 3 Repurposed Water Ski Towel Rack with Shelf & Bottle Opener

Hey friends!  I recently finished up my third (different in its own way) repurposed vintage water ski towel rack.  This one features vintage, chrome fixtures with the towel rack and shelf.  It also features a vintage Brown/Coca-Cola bottle opener and the vintage, galvanized baskets I used on the other creations.  

This one would work in a bathroom, a laundry room, a mud room, a patio, by the pool, or in a man cave.  Just where ever you might find it most functional!  Check it out...

Check it out at one of my booth location or in my Etsy shop (HERE).

Measurements:  60" wide; 6.5" tall; 9" deep.


Locker Basket Piano Bench Cabinet

I've been moving so fast these days, I forgot to post a recent creation!  I picked up a neat industrial fan cage a while back and knew I wanted to make a medium sized shelf unit but when I thought about the vintage wire locker baskets, it really started to take off...

I had the bottom piano bench sitting in the garage forever with stuff piled on top.  I actually had planned to cut it in half and make a stacked (smaller) wall shelf.  But when I tried out the size of the fan cage on top, it was a perfect marriage.

Some custom painting, distressing along with some vintage, thicker yardsticks and custom wood shelves -- and it was a winner!

This one sold within a couple of days but as soon as I find similar parts, I'm definitely making something pretty close to this one.