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Repurposed Industrial Metal Stand Party Table

I'm bringing some curbside love to you today folks.  A good friend found something of interest on the side of the road one day and saved it for me.  I wish I had taken a "before" picture.  Just imagine the metal base of this piece in a layer of rust and uneven feet.


It must have been some sort of mechanical/machine base.  It has a leftover hinge bracket and an electrical outlet panel underneath.  Three of the four feet were shorter than the fourth.  Luckily, they were all the same height and the wood I used on top matched the space perfectly.  So I cut out custom feet for the three short corners.

I sanded down a good bit of the sides and flat surfaces to reintroduce some bare metal to go along with some remaining rust.  I clearcoated the whole piece in the end so it wouldn't rust anymore and to bring out the deep colors of the distressed wood.

I charred the boards, like I've been doing a lot recently.  It definitely brings out the grain and highlights any and all character the wood wants to offer.  Sanding and roughing it up brings back some highlights.

Measurements:  23" tall; 23" wide; 26" deep.  

BUY IT NOW!  In my ETSY SHOP (HERE).  Or at Timeline Antiques & Collectibles Mall in Shreveport, LA.


Repurposed Children's Book Toy Lamp

Hey folks!  Here's one of my latest projects.  I, by no means, am the first to do this style of repurposed lamp but I've always wanted to do one.  So here we go!...

I pretty much have duplicates of all of these books so I used the ones that have seen more "action" in their lives.

I've had this vintage spin toy top for a while and I figured it along with the vintage aluminum party glass would compliment everything.


Measurements:  29" tall and 16" wide.  

BUY IT NOW!  In my ETSY SHOP (HERE).  Or at Timeline Antiques & Collectibles Mall in Shreveport, LA.


Custom Industrial Bookcase with Surveyor's Stick

Hey friends!  Hope everyone is finding some good junk these days.

I just finished this custom bookcase.  I picked up the flat boards at an estate sale and put them all together and then added the custom pieces.  

As you can see, there's some vintage surveyor's sticks on each side that are notched out at each shelf intersection and covered with a custom distressed piece of trim.

I torched the wood instead of staining it.  Just trying some different things out.  I sanded it all afterwards.  I added some vintage locker number tags because I thought it would go really well with the style.

I used some watered down chalk paint on the sides so it would still retain the woodgrain. 

The solid wood bar going across the middle is part of a handrail that was in an old church that went on the wall down some stairs.  I notched out the back so it would rest on the shelf.  I then cut some complimentary pieces to go on the sides and tied some vintage black hinge pieces to the whole look.

An extra piece at the bottom to extend the lip of the bottom shelf finished things off really well.

And here it is in my Shreveport, LA booth (Timeline Antiques & Collectibles Mall) with the vintage wire gym baskets.  


Repurposed Baby Crib Turned Chalkboards

Hey everybody!  Got a couple of new creations from GadgetSponge Garage.

I found the vintage crib used in these two projects for a heck of a deal and knew immediately what they were perfect for ---- CHALKBOARDS!!!  I cut the legs off and took the hardware off and got to painting the chalkboard paint onto the center areas.

The abacus-style play balls at top are so cool.  I attached some vintage, wooden bowling pins along the sides to hang different items from.

Yes, that's a link basket from a dryer.  This is from my grandmother's dryer.  It's about as old as I am.  It was a sad day for her to see her clothes dryer go away that she had for so long.  And me being the opportunist -- I had to cannibalize the dryer before it got hauled away.  So I grabbed the lint basket, some badging, knobs and a few other pieces.

I wanted to illuminate this one so I dug through the garage and found an old battery-top camp lantern assembly.  I gutted the bulb lantern and installed a new bulb housing and reassembled it with some minor mods.

The cord goes neatly through the back and out of the way.  Check out the vintage yardsticks!  You know I've got to use some whenver possible.

Some vintage garden faucet handles, wooden blocks and a brass deep tray or some sort round things out!

 BUY THEM NOW!  In my ETSY SHOP (HERE).  Or at Timeline Antiques & Collectibles Mall in Shreveport, LA.


Another Carolina Wren Nest - A Repurposed Nest

Carolina Wrens are opportunists.  My friend Phil had wrens nest in his running shoe sitting on a window ledge more than once.  When these wrens get to building a nest, they don't waste any time.  This one was complete in less than a day.

The helmet was originally just put on top of the planter right by the back door when we were playing in the backyard.  The wren saw an opportunity!  I moved the pot and helmet to the top of my locker storage cabinet so it wouldn't get disturbed and this is how it proceeded....

Six beautiful eggs!  It amazes me how these little bitty gals can hold that many eggs.  These photos were taken a little while back so there should be some hatchlings very soon.  More to come!