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Repurposed Singer Sewing Machine Base Traffic Sign Table

The GadgetSponge Garage can get cluttered in a hurry if the pickin' is good.  So one day recently I had to  declutter and make some room.  It was time to put some parts together for a new creation and make some room.  Here's the result!

I've had this traffic sign for a while and was going to make another cornhole board game like the ones before (HERE), but decided to do something new and different.  So I paired this cool used traffic sign with an anitque Singer sewing machine base.  I added a baseboard for more support and to keep the bolts from going through the top.  Some decorative trim and voila!!

This table is available at The Agora Borealis.  Purchasing and shipping arrangements can be made by contacting me.


Upcycled Twin Yardstick Side Tables  

Finished these recently and they are ready for a home!  As soon as I saw them, I knew exacctly what I was going to do with them.  Yardsticks!!!....

These are currently available at Saved By Grace Antiques in Bossier City, LA.




GadgetSponge @ Home: The Custom Cypress Crawfish Party Table

Heather recently sent a pic of her custom GadgetSponge creation -- the cypress crawfish-themed party table (HERE).  I always enjoy posting my creations in their new home.  So, if you have a GadgetSponge creation, please send a pic of it in your home and I'd be glad to share it with everyone else!

Heather also bought the recent custom upcycled Nightstand / Mirror piece (HERE).


Custom Triple-Locker Bookcase! 

Here's another locker-inspired bookcase that I finished recently.  The doors wouldn't open up so I had to cut them off and then I decided to make them into a bookshelf or storage shelf system with a place to hang many items, like coats, in the middle.  The vintage wire locker baskets up top, the vintage gauge sticks on the front of the custom shelves and more bring it all together!


Custom Singer Sewing Machine Base Wall Shelf with Yardsticks and Gym Wire Locker Baskets!

Yo!  Here's some goodness fresh from the GadgetSponge Garage!  I've been struggling for about as long as I've been repurposing trying to figure out how to use the individual parts of an antique Singer sewing machine base.  I plan to have a great idea for all the parts before I done!  Here's a shelf I just finished using a couple of the center supports...


I use the vintage wire gym locker baskets a good bit because folks really like them and they look COOL!

The front connection point on each Singer sewing machine base piece stuck out too much for my tastes so I cut them off and ground them down.

You KNOW I've got to have a yardstick in there!  I also used a vintage piano music sheet support as the stop for the locker baskets.  And you can see my little metal nameplate down there that I put on all my creations.


22" tall; 36" wide; 21" deep

This table will be available in my ETSY SHOP (HERE) soon.  It can be seen in person at one of these three locations:

Timeline Antiques & Collectibles Mall in Shreveport, LA

Saved By Grace Antiques in Bossier City, LA

The Agora Borealis in Shreveport, LA