Vintage Carnival Wood Repurposed Christmas Tree Card Holder

Hello friends!  Here's another repurposed creation just in time for the holidays!....

I used some of the vintage carnival wood that Shreveport Salvage has to make this Christmas tree structure.

It features many small clips to hold your holiday cards.  The back is supported with a discards floor lamp shaft.  The base is a true, vintage small Christmas tree stand.  

You can grab this one-of-a-kind creation up at Timeline Antiques & Collectibles Mall in Shreveport, LA!


Height 40"; Width 31"; Depth 21"


Old Hard Hat & Tiered Spinning Organizer Tray Repurposed Lamp

Here's my latest repurposed lamp folks.  I've had this old hard hat for a while and couldn't decide if I was going to make a birdhouse out of it or not.  I built this lamp using a vintage tiered tray organizer and needed a shade for the light and this balanced hard hat worked perfectly!

See it at Timeline Antiques & Collectibles Mall in Shreveport, LA or in my ETSY SHOP!


Height 24"; Width 12"; Depth 12"


Vintage Tin Toy, Alphabet Block Tray, and Yardsticks Lamp!

Hey friends!  I'm behind on posting some of my recent creations.  So let's get on with it!

This is one of my latest lamps which I really enjoy making.  I've got a few pieces of old, tin toys that have built up and it was time to start doing something with them.  

This one came together pretty quick luckily with things I've been "hoarding" for a while.  As you can see it's got a little bit of a few things going on.  You know how much I like to use old yardsticks, so I lined the interior of the block tray with them.  There's even a gear I pulled from a decommissioned parking meter!

This lamp will be in my Etsy shop.

Measurements:  Height 26"; Width 18"; Depth 9"


Tawny Emperor Butterfly on Cantaloupe

Hey folks.  Just thought I would post a quick pic of a visitor I had the other day.  I put some mushy cantaloupe out a couple of weeks ago and had a winged visitor.  Probably had more but this is the only one I saw.  It's a Tawny Emperor Butterfly.  First time I've documented one in the yard with photos so far.  If you like butterflies, search my site here on the lefthand sidebar for "butterflies" to see whatelse I've posted in the past on them.


Repurposed Parking Meter Potted Plant

Hey folks!  Sorry for the absence lately.  Been busy working on projects and getting Shreveport Salvage off the ground with my business partners.

But here's one of my latest projects.  It took a good two months to figure out what the heck I was going to do with my surplus of decommissioned parking meters.  When the idea finally struck, it took off like wildfire.  My next roadblock was figuring what to use for the "stalk" of the plant.  After a visit to Lowe's rummaging through the electrical and plumbing section, I found the perfect piece of flexible copper tubing.  

After a good bit of modifying on the parking meter sides and lots of cutting and soldering, everything came together nicely. 

The bulb in the center was a vintage silverplate flower vase.  I used an old copper pan for the flower bottom and used silverplate forks as the added support structures on the outside of the flower.

The leaves were cut out of vintage silverplate serving platters that already had the perfect vein design for a leaf.  

There's a lot of support structure inside to hold up this 35" tall beast.  And the support structure, I added some course sand and rocks to weight down the whole piece so it wouldn't have the option of tilting or leaning over.

This plant is now in the front entrance of the Shreveport Downtown Development Authority in Downtown Shreveport.  Go see it if you're in the neighborhood!